Menye menye menye

Gue sebel kalo lagi menye-menye. Di kepala kebayang mulu mukanya. Sebelum tidur berdoa buat orangtua dan orang itu mulu. Bangun-bangun kesel sendiri karena kebayang muka orang itu duluan sebelum ngeliat jam. Sampe akhirnya curhat di blog karena bingung mo cerita ke siapa!

Diceritain ke temen-temen, pasti bakal di-cengin. Diceritain ke kakak, bingung jelasinnya gimana. Yang ada dipendem-pendem, gak ada progress.

Yang pasti gue ngaca tiap hari dan nyadar, mana mungkin orang itu ngelirik gue sesaat pun! Tidak mungkin! Tidaaaakk! *lebay*

Udah pendek, mbulet, sipit, kadang lemot, kelakuan kayak kucing garong, suka ngatur, galak, et dah, apaaa apaaa yang mo dilirik dari gue? Apaaaaa? *mellow*

Kebiasaan gue kalo suka sama orang, diem-diem, tapi muka kayak billboard. Kalo diajak ngomong, mata pasti berbinar-binar ala anime pake background kembang-kembang dan cahaya-cahaya.

Yang suka ngebetein itu orang-orang yang gue suka pasti gak masuk profile "cowok idaman" bahkan seringnya melenceng. Dan yang keliatan sama gue itu justru kekurangan-kekurangan, yang pada akhirnya gue syukurin, karena ngerasa orang itu masih manusia. Kejam ya gue? Suka sama orang karena kekurangannya.

Yang paling ngeselin itu bingung nyari solusi gimana cara nyalurin ke-menye-menye-an yang pada akhirnya numpuk dan nyari jalan keluar.

Daripada menjadi public outburst yang memalukan dan pasti bakal disesalkan seumur hidup, gue sering lari ke musik dan tulisan.

Bahkan dengerin lagu yang mellow dikit, pasti langsung ngayal-ngayal merenung ala dangdut yang..... aarrghhh! Kalo dibayangin dan ditunjukkin pasti bakal jadi bahan ceng-an seumur hidup.


Super-duper norak.

Akhirnya gue bikin puisi.

Ultimate norak.

Anyways, here goes nothing. Anggep aja ini karya, yoi gak? Dan moga-moga bisa membuat gue sedikit ikhlas dengan keadaan, kalo sekali lagi tangan terulur ini gak akan dibales.

Here goes nothing, deh.

Penyusup Relung Hati

Kamu terlahir dari sepucuk bayangan

Yang tertanam di sudut sanubari terdalam

Pelan-pelan tanpa kusadari

Kau memasuki dan menghantui

Setiap tikungan jalan yang kulalui

Ada sisi yang mengaktifkan memori

Masa-masa indah yang telat kusadari

Yang selalu kamu hadiri

Kamu tumbuh dan mengisi ruangan

Hingga rongga dadaku kesesakan

Semakin sulit semakin penuh



Tapi aku hanya bisa memendam

Selama tatapan mataku akan selalu menjauh

Selama kepalaku akan merunduk malu

Karena kamu adalah cinta rahasiaku.

Cyberjaya, 6 Agustus 2010

Norak pol.

Udah ah, sekali-kali boleh galau, iya gak?




WDYLM? Video Clip!

Alritey fellas, lately I've been juiced up by creativity, so I've finally made a recording of WDYLM - which stands for Why Don't You Love Me, fyi. I even made a homemade crappy video clip of it!!

It took me two hours to write the song, another two to record and mix it, plus half an hour to make the cheesy video clip. Did all the props, guitar, even finger-snapping by myself. But I'm darn satisfied.

This might be the most positive song I've ever made to date!

Anyways, the lyrics I've posted in the blog post before this one, but for the recording, I suddenly had an idea to add in a rap. Hahahahaha!

I think its passable for a song, what do you think?

Anyways, here are the rap lyrics, and underneath it is the crappy video clip which was so much fun to make!

Rap by Miri Amee

To all my ladies all around the world
If you like a guy you better show him what you're worth
Playin' hard to get, you better be a hot bait
Careful now be cautious you don't want no heartache

Women these days are independent as can be
But I still wanna be, wanna be your Queen bee
So look me in the eyes, you ain't gonna see no lies
My heart is on my sleeves I'm so ready to get high

I got the looks and the body, the brains and the smile
But I ain't got no man standing by my side
I'm all about the teasing and not about the pleasing
Boy you better make your move
Or I'm gonna be leaving

Gonna be leaving
I think I'm leaving
Yeah, this boy is wack
C'mon girl


PS. Yep, I know this song may portray me as some conceited hobbit-sized biatch who thinks all men should like me. But that is not the case at all. Nope.
I KNOW for a fact that I never get the guy, thus my solitary status remains. But I'm not a settler. I just think girls shouldn't have to sell themselves so cheap just to get a guy.
Nu-uh, ladies, go after your EQUAL in a man. If he is as good as you, or as bad as you, you should know what you are to know what you deserve.



lalala, singing in the morn

Yellow folks!

So, I'm on insomnia-mode. I can't sleep, I can't think about what to do, or the classes I got later this morning. I'm so energized, I figured I should record my latest song. But then, there was something wrong with the mic. Then I wanted to make a video thingy with windows movie maker. Then there was something wrong with my video card, or something.

Alas, my last hope was my webcam, so I plugged it in, and recorded a snippet of my latest song. It's crappy as usual, but it has a hidden-yet-obvious message!

Don't believe me? Check it out, and read the lyrics to it!

Song and Lyrics by Miri Amee

Uhuh, to all my ladies, yo
This one is for you
If you like a boy
But he don't make his move
You gotta right to get his attention, his attention

1st verse:
Kuingin bertanya, wanita seperti apa
Yang kau ingini, kubisa jadi dia
Aku mandiri dan juga percaya diri
Kubisa membuatmu tersenyum dan tertawa

Oh, apalagi yang kau tunggu
Ku t'lah berikan tanda untuk mendekat padaku
Jangan kau terlambat dan menyesal
Here's what I gotta say, to make you come my way

I can make you the luckiest man ever loved by a woman
Ever loved by a woman like me
I can give the world on a silver platter
Nothing else would even matter
Your nights will be much better
So Why Don't You Love Me?

2nd verse:
Mungkin kau tak tau, aku yang selalu
Ada nyata mendukung mimpi-mimpi gilamu
Kutahu kekuranganmu, dan juga lemahmu
Tanpa mengurangi nilaimu di mataku

(Video has been removed because there is a better one in the next post! xD)


Birth Anniversary

Play this video while reading

Soundtrack: Dewi Lestari - Selamat Ulang Tahun

Its 2.09, and its two hours way past my birthday. It was the kind of birthday that I liked. Not much fuss, just wishes going around. Yep, I'm not the type who appreciates getting pranked at my birthday, I'm the type who likes to be surrounded by my friends and people who love me on this day. I don't even mind if i don't get presents.

I think birthdays are actually sad, because birthdays are like giant countdowns towards death. And the picture of being surrounded by your friends during your birthday isn't any different with the situation during your funeral, only then, you'd be surrounded by sad faces, instead of the happy ones you get to see.

This year I'm turning 22, and I Look back to how I was when I was 21. I compare myself. My friend Muhammad Budi said, "I hope you're not getting older, I hope you're getting better." Or something like that.

And those words ring the utmost truth.

Birthdays are days created not as a reason to party, but to reflect. Now I'm alone in my room, I realized that I have lived more than two decades in this world without leaving any trace of significance. By 22, Gandhi has 3 kids, Mozart had 30 symphonies, and my mom got married.

Now I'm 22. What are my achievements? I still get allowance from my parents, I have not saved anybody's life, and what do I leave behind if I die this very instance?

I am a fragment of insignificance in a universe so vast that i become smaller than bacteria, or even smaller than mycoplasma genitalium, the smallest organism capable of independent growth (found in primate's genitals, but thats not the point).

And these are the things I should be thinking of on this day, but no. Instead, I think about a single birthday wish I've been waiting for the whole day, since I realized that today was my birthday. The birthday wish that would certainly make today a special one, coz he would be speaking to me, or better yet, realize my existence.

Now the hour has passed, and the time-frame has expired for this birthday wish to be special. And I'm back to feeling like that mycoplasma genitalium, too small to look at, too small to notice. And who is to blame, but me who can only love in silence, with lips sealed, and stone-cold expressions when ever that person is in a 100m radius, acting like I don't give a damn.

Oh well, maybe my luck will change on my 23rd birthday? We'll see.

Till next year.


PS: Thanks for the wishes.


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hang in there

Hello world, hows it going?

Plenty of stuff happened lately, too much to tell, i dunno what to start, but i guess i'll just start by saying, I'M ALIVE COZ I SURVIVED FINAL EXAMS! MBUAHAHAHAH!

That's all for now.



telepon kejutan di malam hari

Apa jadinya kalau seorang DJ di Pakistan tiba2 nelpon lewat ym?

Tadi gue barusan dikejutkan oleh online-call call dari seorang DJ kondang yang sekarang sedang berdomisili di Pakistan. Setelah berkutat dengan headphone dan microphone, akhirnya gue menerima online-call tersebut.

Mengira ada hal penting yang harus disampaikan, gue langsung pasang kuping untuk mendengar baik2 apa yang ingin disampaikan di DJ kondang ini.

Apakah itu?

Dya berkata, "Cuman mau bilang aja, aku lagi makan bakso!"


Udah, gitu aja.

Reaksi gue: *krik krik krik krik* BAHAHAHAHAH!

Lalu siapakah DJ kondang ini?

Tak lain dan tak bukan, DJ kesayangan kami semua, Pakde!


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